Me, Myself and MRI

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National Science Learning Centre, York

Dates: 24th February - 26th March 2009

Me, Myself and MRI opened at the NSLC in February 2009, after a week of technical rehearsals in the venue. The magnificent central atrium provided a perfect space, with the pieces arranged in a circle. 

A talk and guided overview of the exhibition was held as part of Brain Awareness Week 2009, with support from the Dana Foundation. One of the pieces returned to the venue later in the year for a University of York event on public engagement.

Impressions Gallery, Bradford

Impressions Gellery with a different layout

Dates: 8th April - 21st May 2009

The exhibition was featured in Impression's stunning Studio space, whilst Margereta Kern's 'Clothes for Living and Dying' was in the main gallery.

A large feedback board on one wall enabled people to tell us 'what's in your brain today' after viewing the exhibition.

York Hospital, York

York Hospital

Dates: 25th May - 29th September 2009

The final venue for the initial tour was this temporary exhibition space at York Hospital. Adjacent to the main reception and waiting area, this flexible space has played host to a range of different art exhibitions.

Me, Myself and MRI generated interesting feedback, particuarly from visitors who were at the hospital to undergo an MRI or had recently had the procedure. You can see some of these on our Flickr photo site.