Me, Myself and MRI

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We worked with a group of pupils from Archbishop Holgate's School, York throughout the project. The workshops began in the Autumn term of their Year 8 and finished in the Summer term of their Year 9.

They all attended regular sessions after school that included classroom sessions and visits to galleries, the York Neuroimaging Centre and the recording studio at the Department of Electronics at York University. You can find an overview of each of the sessions in the Education Project section of this site.

The pupils played a very important role in the project, steering the decisions that went into the making of the final exhibition in a number of ways:

  • devising the list of questions that were used in the interviews with the portrait subjects
  • coming up with a list of individuals we then invited to take part in the project and become the subjects for the exhibition portraits
  • providing the artists with creative briefs, including ideas about location, the style of photographic and video shoots, things to include in the audio soundtrack and how the interactivity should work
  • feeding into the brief that was given to the designers who created the exhibition logo, print and signage
  • providing feedback on an early prototype of the exhibition pieces that was then built into the design of the final artworks
Throughout the project the group engaged in lively debate over issues in science, ethics, creative technology and art and tried their hand at creating their own self portraits, shooting photographic portraits, recording video and audio interviews and editing sound stories. They also spent time manipulating MRI scan data to create 2D and 3D images of the brain.

We'd like to say a huge thank you to all of them for working with us.