Me, Myself and MRI

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Partners who have supported the project are:

Geodesic Arts

Geodesic Arts are a partnership of York-based digital artists and associated practitioners whose goal is to create new and engaging artworks and deliver projects across arts, science and education.

For this project founding members Kirsty Halliday (project manager), Mark Hildred (technical producer) and Damian Murphy (sound artist) are joined by associate members John Oxley (video artist) and Kippa Matthews (photographer).

Archbishop Holgate's School

Archbishop Holgate's School is a fully subscribed mixed comprehensive of some 800 pupils. As a Church of England school, Archbishop Holgate's is committed to an ethos in which Christian values are lived into being, in which each member of the school community can be known as an individual and cared for as an individual. The school seeks maximum achievement for each pupil at all levels in an ordered working environment.

The school is a Specialist Science College; has an additional specialism in Applied Learning; and is also a Leading Edge school in recognition of its quality, standards, leadership, and capacity for further improvement. Its Ofsted inspection report described Archbishop Holgate's as "an outstanding school" with "excellent quality of education and care... excellent teaching and support for learning... high standards... outstanding opportunities for gifted and talented... excellent spiritual, moral, social and cultural development... this is a school where every child does matter". The school is now developing innovative post-16 provision has recently opened its new post-16 Learning Centre.

York Neuroimaging Centre

In 2003, York University took the strategic decision to make the study of human neuroscience a high priority for future investment. The outcome of this decision was the creation of a new research facility for investigating human brain function using non-invasive imaging techniques. The Centre was formed by a consortium of some of the strongest departments within York University including Psychology, Computer Science, Electronics, Health Sciences and Chemistry. It has extensive links to the Hull-York Medical School, Clinical Departments in the NHS and to industry.

York Neuroimaging Centre (YNiC) has become the hub of a multi-disciplinary approach to understanding structural, chemical, functional and theoretical aspects of neuronal mechanisms.

YNiC are the main scientific partner in the project and have delivered sessions with the school group, advised on the project's scientific content, carried out the participants' MRI scans and assisted with the creation of the MRI brain images used in the exhibition.

The project team would like to extend our thanks to all of the staff at YNiC who have worked with us throughout the project, with particular thanks to: Sam Johnson, Claire Fox, Gary Green, Christine Alderson and Gill Kirkwood.

National Science Learning Centre, York

Science Learning Centres are a national network for professional development in science teaching. The Centres support teachers in enhancing their professional skills by learning more about contemporary scientific ideas and in experimenting with effective teaching approaches and gaining experience of modern scientific techniques.

The aim is to improve science teaching, raise morale in the teaching profession and to inspire pupils by providing them with a more exciting, intellectually stimulating and relevant science education, enabling them to gain the knowledge and the understanding they need - both as the citizens and as the scientists of the future.

The National Science Learning Centre (NSLC) was the launch venue for the exhibition and we'd like to thank Anna Gawthorp, Haley Cox, Jeremy Airey, Katy Bloom and Louise Fairweather and the rest of the NSLC team for their support.

Impressions Gallery, Bradford

Impressions Gallery promotes photography that gets people looking, thinking and talking. Established in 1972 as one of the first specialist photographic galleries in Europe it has grown to become one of the UK's leading independent venues for contemporary photography. Its new building in Centenary Square Bradford, which opened in August 2007, is the first public-funded specially built gallery for photography in the UK. Impressions is funded by Arts Council England, Yorkshire, and Bradford Metropolitan District Council.

As well as being one of the exhibition tour venues, staff from Impressions have advised the project's creative team and we'd like to thank Pippa Oldfield, Sarah Read, Sarah Deane and Anne McNeill for their support.

York Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

York Hospital was the third venue that the exhibition toured to and we'd like to thank Art & Design Officer Gill Greaves and all of the portering team for their help and support.

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